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An Optics Manufacturer with a Vision

Founded in 1943 by William Vogelin, Vogelin Optical Company in Norwood Young America, Minnesota, has been focused on building a reputation as the leading optics manufacturer in the industry. We are a leader in production of specialized optical components for Fortune 100™ firms and entrepreneurial businesses.

Humble Beginnings 

During World War II, William Vogelin was approached by a large local business that was having an issue cutting out photo emulsions (photos on glass). Whereas nobody was able to cut the plate that these photos were created on, he was able to find a way. His innovation used water as a coolant to cut the plates, and this meant the photos were never stained.

A Growing Company

Since that time Vogelin's company has become an established manufacturer of precision optics and optical materials. The company also began providing polishing and machining services to cutting-edge companies that save lives and explore outer space.

Small Polishing

Quality Assurance 

Our focus since our beginning has been on customer satisfaction. That also means a commitment to fostering a positive work environment for all of our employees. We pride ourselves on being able to create the most intricate designs, and we make those designs a reality for companies around the world. The technicians and engineers at our company have won numerous awards, and we deliver an unmatched combination of resources and experience to bear when completing your requests. The difference is clear when it comes to our timely delivery and competitive pricing.